How it Works

Are you interested in hiring the food sherpa llc, but not sure how to get started? the food sherpa llc offers three types of services: personal chef services, classes, and special events. Though each service is unique, the typical steps in the process are as follows:

  1. Initial contact.
    • Contact me so that we can start a conversation concerning the service that you would like for me to provide.
    • After this initial contact, I will send you more information about my service and a link to my online Client Assessment Survey to assist in recording your food preferences.
    • We will also schedule a mutually agreed-upon date and time when we can meet to complete a complimentary client assessment meeting.
  2. Client Assessment Meeting.
    • During the client assessment meeting, we will discuss the service that you desire in more detail.
    • We will review your food preferences, dietary restrictions, any food allergies that you or others that will eat the food may have, and go over any other pertinent information.
    • I will answer any questions that you may have about my service at this time.
    • At the end of this assessment, we will complete a Client Service Agreement to indicate that we concur on the terms of service, we will schedule a cook date for the service, and I will collect payment for the service that will be provided.
  3. The Cook Date.
    • On the morning of the scheduled cook date, I will shop for all groceries for your service.
    • I will come to your house, set up in your kitchen, and prepare all of the food that you requested.
    • When all of the work is complete, I will clean your kitchen and leave only the wonderful aroma of freshly-prepared meals behind!
  4. Follow-up.
    • I will follow-up after the cook date to make sure that you were completely satisfied with your services and to determine if any adjustments can be made to make future experiences more enjoyable.

It's that easy! If you would like more details about each of the services that I provide, please take a look at the pricing section of this website. I look forward to hearing from you and being your guide to great food at home!