What Sets the food sherpa llc Apart? Part 3: Customer Service and Personal Relationship

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May 10, 2017 – A key focus of the service provided by the food sherpa llc is keen attention to customer service as well as the development and cultivation of a personal relationship with each individual client.

This is the final installment in a three-part informational series on the benefits of partnering with the food sherpa llc for your meal planning needs:

Part 3: Customer Service and Personal Relationship

When you invite someone into your home to provide you with a personal service, you put your trust in them to serve your needs with care, attention to detail, and respect for you and your home. When it comes to what you eat, there is an added layer of personalization that must be addressed to ensure that the service provided meets your unique needs and preferences. From the initial contact to the tenth year of client service and beyond, the food sherpa llc considers several factors to ensure that customer service is always a focus and that individual client relationships are well managed. Highlights include:

  • Business Credentials: Because the food sherpa llc performs all tasks in your home, it is critical that the company credentials are always in order.
    • the food sherpa llc is licensed as a personal service business based in Arlington County, Virginia.
    • The owner, Keith Steury, is certified with the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals as an International Food Safety Manager under both the Conference for Food Protection Standards and ISO/IEC 17024 Standards.
    • The company carries an aggregate of $2 million in liability insurance to ensure the protection of the both the business and its clients.

  • Client Contact: Several steps are followed when working with each individual client.
    • The initial client contact is typically through an email or phone call to the food sherpa llc.
    • Next, a formal client assessment process is completed to get to know each new client. This process includes a client survey, which is designed to collect preliminary information about client food preferences, needs, allergies, and other information that is pertinent to a specific service.
    • This initial information gathering exercise is typically followed by an on-site complimentary client assessment meeting. At this meeting client dietary needs, preferences, and related issues are discussed in greater detail.
    • All information gathered is used to prepare proposed menu options for each new client. These options are shared with the client in a mutually agreed upon method and then finalized for the purposes of the initial service.
    • the food sherpa llc makes a habit of checking in with clients on an ongoing basis to see how things are going, identify areas of potential improvement, make adjustments as dietary needs or preferences change and generally make sure that clients are pleased with the service provided.

  • Continuous Business Improvement: the food sherpa llc is always looking for ways to improve the service provided to its clients, thereby strengthening company/client relationships over time. Some examples over the course of the company's history include:
    • Setup and monthly publication of SherpaNews, the official newsletter of the food sherpa llc. This is a great way for clients and subscribers to keep up to date on company news and information that may be of benefit to them.
    • Active participation in industry organizations, including the American Personal & Private Chef Association (APPCA) as well as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter (MARC) of the organization. Keith Steury, owner of the food sherpa llc, has taken a leadership role in the latter organization, previously serving as chapter Secretary (April 2015 – April 2017), and currently serving as chapter President. Involvement in these organizations helps the food sherpa llc to stay connected with other industry professionals and current on recent dietary and food trends, which is of benefit to all clients served by the company.
    • Acceptance of major credit cards, allowing current and future clients the convenience of more payment options for the services requested.
    • Limited Liability Company formation, providing greater legitimacy in the business community while helping the company to take better advantage of future opportunities moving forward.
    • Online client surveys to poll existing clients and gather research concerning the quality of service provided, new initiatives of interest, and related information that has been useful in helping the company to evolve to better serve client needs over time.

If you are looking for a personal chef to develop a relationship with you, why not consider the food sherpa llc personal chef service to address your unique dietary needs? Interested in learning more? Find out how it works, learn more about pricing, and contact the food sherpa llc to get started!

More information about the food sherpa llc is available at www.thefoodsherpa.com.