Can I Order a Fraction of One of Your Personal Chef Packages?

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May 5, 2017 the food sherpa llc offers a variety of standard personal chef packages with a goal of balancing the effort involved in preparing a set amount of food against the cost of each package provided. There is also an option to add more servings of food on an à la carte basis. New clients occasionally inquire:

Q: Can I Order a Fraction of One of Your Personal Chef Packages?

A: This request is most often made when a potential client is interested in getting a smaller amount of food and/or paying a lower fee for the services provided by the food sherpa llc. The packages referenced on this website are optimized to reflect the amount of planning, shopping, and preparation involved in each offering. In order to balance the offering of cost-effective packages for clients with the demands of a profitable enterprise, the food sherpa llc can not take the same amount of cooking time to produce only a fraction of the food. A better alternative that works for many is to purchase a standard package and then schedule recurring service less frequently. the food sherpa llc would be happy to discuss this and other possible options with you during your client assessment meeting. If you would like more immediate feedback on this topic, please feel free to contact the food sherpa llc.

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